San Diego Beach Wedding Tips

San Diego Beach Wedding Tips

A woman clad in a lace beach wedding dress stands with her back to the camera, holding a bouquet of pink and purple flowers, with the ocean waves gently crashing onto the shore in the background.

Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Dream San Diego Beach Wedding

Hey there, you sun-kissed, salty-haired bride to be! We know you’ve been dreaming about saying “I do” in the sand with the taste of sea salt on your lips – and you’re probably feeling totally stressed with planning it all. No worries, though! Your team of resident beach wedding experts at Beach Bridal Beauty is here to spill the tea on our best tips for planning a San Diego beach wedding. We’ve got the scoop on how to make your big day as beautiful as possible, from choosing the perfect venue to finding the right dress. So grab a glass of rosé and let’s get started!

A woman clad in a lace beach wedding dress stands with her back to the camera, holding a bouquet of pink and purple flowers, with the ocean waves gently crashing onto the shore in the background at a San Diego beach wedding.

Choosing the perfect location

Having a destination wedding in beautiful San Diego or any Southern California beach locale sounds fun, right? But, keep in mind, not all beaches are created equal. Some have weird access paths that make it tough for your favorite aunt with her walker, and some need special permits – yes, romantic, starlit nuptials can quickly land you with a surprise fine from party crashers, aka local law enforcement.

So, research, research, and did we mention… research! Check local regulations, look into permit needs, and ensure your destination wedding in Southern California is accessible for all your guests!

Getting married on a beach means nature’s beauty does the decor for you! But you’ll need some local lifelines – the hair and makeup pros who know just how to handle that beach air. Our tip? Stay local with our on-site hair and makeup stylists! Trust us, your hair will thank you.

Dressing the part and keeping it comfy

You’ll probably want to skip the ball gown on the beach. Think sand, think heat, think tripping over tentacles–oops, we meant tulle! Instead, consider lightweight, beach-friendly fabrics (hello, flowing chiffon!) and figure-flattering silhouettes that let you move. Prioritize comfort without compromising your fashion game.

Speaking of hair and makeup, keep it natural and simple! Heavy makeup and complicated hairdos are so furthest-from-the-beach-wedding things. Embrace lightweight products that can take the heat (literally) and hairstyles that work with the wind, not against it. Our stylists are pros at giving you the perfect natural beach glow that will have you feeling your most beautiful on your wedding day.

Handling the weather

Ah, yes, the great outdoors–beautiful but unpredictable. From sun-soaked afternoons to dramatic winds, you need a plan.

Prepare for everything–get a tent for possible rain, invest in fans for a heatwave, and consider shawls for a chillier-than-expected day. Be sure to have plenty of water for your guests, and having a go-to place to get some shade will be an oasis on a hot day.

Don’t forget! Hair and makeup strategies should be weatherproof too. Think setting sprays and humidity-friendly hairdos that won’t look like a lion’s mane by the time you do your first dance.

Taking amazing photos

One of the most breathtaking benefits of a beach wedding? Beach wedding photos! The lighting is exceptional, the backdrop is Mother Nature showing off, and the vibe… so chill. Take full advantage of it! Don’t stick with standard poses, get adventurous and capture your love in its pure, radiant authenticity! The best way to do this is by hiring a professional photographer who specializes in beach weddings. They’ll know all the best spots, how to work with the light, and what poses will look amazing in your photos.

When thinking about hair and makeup styles for your beach wedding photos, opt for hair and makeup that enhances your natural beauty. We’re all about that beachy glow – think bronzed skin, fluttery lashes, tousled waves. Trust us, you’ll be looking at these photos for decades to come, and the natural-you always looks best!

Practical Do’s and Don’ts

Finally, some practical advice – check the tide schedules (don’t let Mother Nature pull your guest chairs into the ocean!), consider the sun’s position and plan around potential crowds. Huge waves and rogue beach frisbees aren’t in your dream wedding scenario, trust us!

Wrapping things up…

Planning an outdoor wedding can be a challenge, but with the right tips and advice from your favorite wedding pros, you’ll have no problem pulling it off.

And remember, Beach Bridal Beauty is here to make your dream look come true, with on-site hair and makeup services that will make looking your most beautiful on your big day a breeze!


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