Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Hair and Makeup

Is Beach Bridal Beauty a mobile hair and makeup company?

Yes! Beach Bridal Beauty is a mobile hair and makeup company serving Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. Our mobile hair and makeup artists travel to you for both the preview appointment and on your wedding day. We like to make it as stress free as possible by coming to you!

Where is Beach Bridal Beauty located?

Beach Bridal Beauty was founded in Orange County, but now we have teams in both Southern California and Central Oregon. All of our services are on-location, so we don’t have a home base, but our stylists love to travel through beautiful Southern California and gorgeous Central Oregon. 

Do you charge travel fees?

For our Southern California territory, we only charge travel fees for locations outside of Orange County. In Central Oregon, we charge a travel fee for all locations. We are always happy to provide you with a quote once we know your exact address.

Our Booking Process

How do I book my wedding date with Beach Bridal Beauty?

To reserve your wedding date in our calendar, we require a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit. During peak wedding season (April – Oct), our stylists are in high demand, so we work on a first come first serve basis, giving priority to those brides that submit their booking items first.

What information do I need for the contract?

The main information needed for the contract is timing (what time you need to be finished with your hair and makeup on the wedding day), service count and getting ready location. We understand that you may not have a confirmed timing so far in advance before your wedding, so we are happy to put an estimated timing on the contract and adjust it once your date gets closer. For the service count, we ask that your number be as accurate as possible so we can schedule the appropriate number of stylists to accommodate your group.

Can I change my service count after I sign the contract?

Once you sign your contract, you have a 72 hour window to deduct any services. After 72 hours, your service count is set in stone and you are responsible for your balance whether or not the services are rendered. We are always happy to add services after the contract is signed, assuming we have enough stylists available to accommodate the extra services.

Am I able to do a preview/trial before I sign a contract?

Yes! We are happy to schedule you a preview before you sign a contract, but please note, we do not reserve any dates and/or stylists without a signed contract, so we can’t guarantee availability unless a contract is signed. But, our stylists do have flexible schedules, so if you want to schedule a preview as quickly as possible we will do our absolute best to accommodate you!

Do you have a booking minimum?

During our peak wedding season (April – Oct), we have a six service booking minimum per stylist for Saturday weddings (hair and makeup on one person counts as two services).

Do you charge extra if my group needs multiple stylists?

There is no additional fee for multiple stylists as long as your group is booking enough services to meet our stylists’ minimums. If you’d like to add a stylist to help your group finish faster (and you wouldn’t meet the minimum for that additional artist), then there would be an extra stylist fee.

The Preview/Trial Appointment

What is a preview/trial?

The preview is an appointment that usually happens several months before your wedding day, where you “preview” your wedding day hair and makeup so you will know what to expect for your wedding day. Your stylist will ask you questions about your desired hair and makeup style, so she is able to create your perfect look. Once your stylist understands your desired look, she will do your full hair and makeup as if it was your wedding day. The preview is the time to make any changes to your hair or makeup style, so on your wedding day your stylist will know exactly what you want. A hair and makeup preview usually takes about 2.5 hours.

When should I schedule my preview?

We suggest that a bride schedule her preview 2-3 months before her wedding date. If you schedule the preview too far in advance before your wedding, you run the risk of changing your mind about your hair and makeup, but if you schedule if too close to your wedding, it may be a little too busy to fit in the appointment, so 3 months before your wedding is a great time frame for your preview appointment.

Where does the preview take place?

We come to the bride for the preview, so we typically do the preview at the bride’s home or hotel. We like to make it as stress-free of an appointment as possible!

How should I prepare for the preview?

On the preview appointment day, please have your hair clean and fully dry and also have a clean and moisturized face. It’s also helpful if you have hair and makeup inspiration pictures available to show your stylist so she can see what you are envisioning. We will take care of the rest!

Do I have to do a preview before my wedding day?

Nope! The preview appointment is optional and we are happy to only book you for wedding day services if you’d like to skip the preview. About 95% of our brides opt to do a preview before their wedding so that they know what to expect with their hair and makeup, but the choice is yours to make!

Hair and Makeup Details

What kind of makeup do your makeup artists use?

Our stylists use a variety of makeup brands in each of their kits. For foundation, our favorite brands are Make Up For Ever, Face Atelier, RCMA, NARS, Charlotte Tilbury and Temptu. Some of our other favorite brands are MAC, Urban Decay, Anastasia, Kat Von D and Viseart. We only use the highest quality products so we have a flawless application that has extreme staying power!

Will my hair and makeup last my entire ceremony and reception?

Our stylists only use the highest quality products on both your hair and makeup to ensure that it will hold its style for your whole wedding day! Your stylist will advise you on the best hairstyle for your particular hair type, to ensure that your hair will look its best for your entire wedding day. All of our makeup is highly waterproof to avoid any mess when sweating or crying. Beach Bridal Beauty prides itself on providing hair and makeup styling that has extraordinary staying power, while still looking soft and natural!

Do your makeup artists use false eyelashes?

Yes! We use individual and strip false lashes. We can customize your lashes to fit your eye shape, making them longer or shorter depending on how dramatic of a look you want. False eyelash application is included in all makeup services, free of charge.

Can I use hair extensions in my wedding day hairstyle?

Absolutely!  All of our stylists are experienced in styling both clip-in extensions or sewn in extensions. Your stylist can help you decide if extensions would help your wedding day hairstyle. We do not sell hair extensions, but we are happy to recommend our favorite brand/styles to use.

Do you offer airbrush foundation?

Yes! We are happy to offer the option of airbrush foundation in our makeup services, free of charge. Not all our makeup artists offer airbrush foundation, so all airbrush requests must be made in advance and are dependent upon artist availability.

Wedding Day Timeline

How long does a hair or makeup service take?

Each bridal party hair or makeup service takes approximately 40-45 minutes.  We take more time on the bride, so the bride’s hair and makeup services take 60 minutes each.   The bridal party is styled first and the bride always is done last, so her hair and makeup is the freshest!

Will you give me a hair and makeup schedule for my wedding day?

Yes! In order to help your group stay on schedule on the wedding day, we will create a hair and makeup schedule which will detail the timing breakdown so you can insert names into the time slots and everyone in your group will know what order they will be going in. A schedule is key to help the wedding day run smoothly!