Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Preview Sessions

What is a preview?

The goal of the preview is to let you and your stylist work together to achieve your perfect look, so your wedding day will run smoothly and you’ll feel beautiful! Your stylist will ask you questions about your desired hair and makeup style, so she is able to create your perfect look. Once your stylist understands your desired look, she will do your full hair and makeup as if it was your wedding day. The preview is the time to make any changes to your hair or makeup style, so on your wedding day your stylist will know exactly what you want. The preview usually lasts about two hours. You will also have the opportunity to go over your contract details and secure your stylist for your wedding date.

I loved my preview, so what next?

After a successful preview, you and your stylist will discuss and fill out the contract. In the contract, you will finalize your wedding day timing, amount of services and getting ready location. Once you sign the contract, your stylist is secured for your wedding day!

Is a deposit required?

No deposit is required. Once you pay for your preview, this secures your wedding date in our calendar.  At the preview, you will need to sign your contract to secure your stylist for your wedding date.  Then, your full balance is due two weeks before your wedding day.

When should I book my preview?

We suggest that a bride schedule her preview 2-3 months before her wedding date; you will need to know your wedding details (time, location, number of services, etc) at your preview appointment.

Do I need to bring anything to my preview appointment or on my wedding day?

The only items you need to have at your preview appointment or on your wedding day is your own waterproof mascara and any hair accessories you would like to wear. We supply the rest!

Hair & Makeup Details

Will my hair and makeup last for my entire ceremony and reception?

Our stylists only use the highest quality products on both your hair and makeup to ensure that is will hold its style for your big day!  Your stylist will advise you on the best hairstyle for your particular hair type, to ensure that your hair will look its best for your entire wedding day.   All of our makeup is highly waterproof to avoid any mess when sweating or crying.   Beach Bridal Beauty prides itself on providing hair and makeup styling that has extraordinary staying power, while still looking soft and natural!

What kind of makeup do you use?

Our stylists use a variety of makeup brands in each of their kits. For foundation, our favorite brands are Makeup For Ever HD, Face Atelier, RCMA and Temptu. Some of our other favorite brands are NARS, MAC, Urban Decay and Viseart. We only use the highest quality products in effort to have a flawless application that has extreme staying power!

Do you use false eyelashes?

Yes!  We use false individual lashes because they are both comfortable and natural looking.  Your stylist will happy to use longer or shorter lashes, depending on how dramatic you want the finished look to be.  False eyelash application is included in all makeup services, free of charge.

Can you work with hair extensions?

Absolutely!  All of our stylists are experienced in styling both clip in extensions or sewn in extensions.  Your stylist can help you decide if extensions would help your wedding day hairstyle.

Are you a mobile hair and makeup company?

Yes, Beach Bridal Beauty is a mobile hair and makeup company.  We travel to you for both the preview appointment and on your wedding day.   

Will you bring another stylist if I have too many services?

We are always happy to schedule an additional stylist if you have a large bridal party.  We are able to accommodate any amount of hair and makeup services.  There is no additional charge for having multiple stylists.

How long does a hair or makeup service take?

Each bridal party hair or makeup service takes approximately 45 minutes.  We take more time on the bride, so the bride’s hair and makeup services take 60 minutes each.   The bridal party is styled first and the bride always is done last, so her hair and makeup is the freshest!

Airbrush Makeup

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrushing is a patented makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air through an “airbrush” that sprays on a fine mist of makeup. Most clients find the application technique rather soothing and since traditional brushes are not used during this technique you never have to worry about sanitation.  Basically, your makeup is sprayed onto your face, rather than being applied with a sponge or brush. 

How does it feel?

Airbrush makeup is exceptionally lightweight. Most clients say they feel as if they aren’t even wearing makeup.

What are the benefits of airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup provides flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautifully natural finished looking result.   It flawlessly covers red spots, brown spots, any spot, wrinkle or blemish, even dark circles under your eyes! You’ll look bright, awake and alive.

How long does airbrush makeup last?

Airbrush makeup is highly water resistant and will last for up to twelve hours or more.

What happens if I cry or sweat while wearing airbrush makeup?

Whether you cry or sweat, airbrush makeup will stay in place.  By simply taking a tissue and blotting the wet area the wetness will be lifted and the makeup will stay in place.  In the heat of the summer, airbrush makeup will stay looking the same as it did when it was applied.  

Is Airbrush Makeup right for everyone?

Airbrush makeup is suitable for women of all ages and every skin condition. The makeup is hypoallergenic and fragrance free. In fact, airbrush makeup is the only makeup that is suitable for the new “High Definition” standard in television.

What brand of airbrush makeup do Beach Bridal Beauty stylists use?

Our favorite brand of airbrush makeup is Temptu. We absolutely love working with their silicone based foundations because they mold to the skin and create a flawless finish that photographs amazingly! Your stylist would be happy to answer any questions you may have about airbrush makeup so you can see if it’s the right choice for you.